Historic New York building signs – Part 2

After my first post on the historic New York building signs I did a little more digging through my image archive and found a few more than I had totally forgotten about.

Some of these signs are still quite prominent while others have faded over the years, but they are still visible to some degree if you look up.  In one of my recent recent Instagram posts I actually said; “The things you learn by looking up in New York.” (more…)

Historic New York building signs – Part 1

One of the things that I really took notice of on my last visit to New York in 2014 was the old historic New York building advertising signs.  I know the signs were there on my previous five visits but this time they really stood out.  Maybe I was looking at the city in a completely different way now that I had already seen all the major ‘tourist’ sights and attractions previously.  Maybe I was looking a little deeper into the city’s history and culture.  We did make a conscientious effort to go to out of the way places in the city to get a new feel for it.

In any event these building signs really stood out and I started to appreciate them and the city in a whole new way. (more…)

A Home Full Of New York

An indication of one’s passion towards anything they love is often evident by their actions.

In our case, and it only dawned on me quite recently, we have filled our home with images of New York City.  I knew we had a few framed pictures here and there but when I walked around the house to find that EVERY room and EVERY wall had something displayed of New York I realised we had a problem.   I guess we display our hearts on our sleeves.  At least people who visit us know more about our character from our home. (more…)