A Home Full Of New York

An indication of one’s passion towards anything they love is often evident by their actions.

In our case, and it only dawned on me quite recently, we have filled our home with images of New York City.  I knew we had a few framed pictures here and there but when I walked around the house to find that EVERY room and EVERY wall had something displayed of New York I realised we had a problem.   I guess we display our hearts on our sleeves.  At least people who visit us know more about our character from our home.

Needless to say, we love New York, we love travelling to New York and having a home filled with New York means that the city is always on our mind when we start planning our next holiday to New York.

Last count I think we had 15 photos of New York in one variation or another around the home.

From some of our own photo’s to framed pictures from renowned photographers Andreas Feininger to canvas prints from department stores, we have a house full of New York.

When we travel to New York every two years, I attempt to fill my camera and iPhone with as many cool and unique photos of my own of this great city.  I plan to print them in a coffee table style book as forever reminder our our adventures.

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