Historic New York building signs – Part 1

One of the things that I really took notice of on my last visit to New York in 2014 was the old historic New York building advertising signs.  I know the signs were there on my previous five visits but this time they really stood out.  Maybe I was looking at the city in a completely different way now that I had already seen all the major ‘tourist’ sights and attractions previously.  Maybe I was looking a little deeper into the city’s history and culture.  We did make a conscientious effort to go to out of the way places in the city to get a new feel for it.

In any event these building signs really stood out and I started to appreciate them and the city in a whole new way.

And I don’t mean the signs in Times Square either.

I mean the old hand painted signs and phone numbers on the actual side of the buildings.  In my home town of Sydney, Australia we have conservation guidelines for historic signs similar to these so I would imagine they are still there on the New York buildings for the same reason.


IMG_8054 v2

I didn’t realise at the time of taking this photo that the Empire State Building was in the distance.  This is now one of my favourite images.

IMG_7657 v2

IMG_7335 v2

IMG_7334 v2


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