Historic New York building signs – Part 2

After my first post on the historic New York building signs I did a little more digging through my image archive and found a few more than I had totally forgotten about.

Some of these signs are still quite prominent while others have faded over the years, but they are still visible to some degree if you look up.  In one of my recent recent Instagram posts I actually said; “The things you learn by looking up in New York.”

I decided to revisit this image of Griffon Cutlery Works.  I found out some interesting details that The Griffon Cutlery Works was founded in 1888 by Albert L. Silberstein.  As the signage states, they made all types of scissors, shears, tweezers and nail files for grooming.  This sign possibly dates back to the 1920’s when they were situated at this location at 151 W 19th St from 1920 to 1965.

Baar and Beards, Inc. 15 West 37 St.

Baar and Beards Inc. is another clear sign still visible today.  Baar and Beards opened in 1941 and remained remained in this building on 37th Street until 1998.

It is such a pity that the other partially visible sign next to Baar and Beards cannot be made out.  Maybe I will need to go and take a closer look when we visit New York City again in 2016.


M. Handin & Drapkin, Furs. 23 East 20th St.

The full business name in my photo above was partially obscured by a tree.  A simple google search shows the full business name was M. Handin & Drapkin, Furs who were located at 23 East 20th St for a short period from 1909 to approx 1911.


Emil Talamini Real Estate. 450 Sixth Ave.

The above sign is a bit faded but I managed to find it was for Emil Talamini Real Estate in Greenwich Village on Sixth Ave.  The sign appears to be of 1940’s vintage.


I noticed this sign in the lower East when visiting the Tenement Museum.  S. Beckenstein appear to be still in business and at the same address.

It is a pity that some of these signs are so faded but it would be sacrilegious to have them repainted today as they would not resemble what they once were.  I am heartened to see that they are still there all these decades later for people like me to enjoy.

I will need to dig deeper into my images to see what else I can find.  I am now intrigued to see what I might find.

Until then.


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