And Why It Should Be Yours Too

We all love our apps.  Whether these are games, music related, productivity or utility based they can either take up a lot of your time or help you become more productive and efficient.

For me it is the productive and efficient side of apps that gets my time and attention.

Way back in 2011 I bought myself an android tablet for work.  This was my first leap into a device other than an iPod or mobile phone.  

I recall the sales person was kind enough to write down a list of some cool and useful apps that he highly recommended.  I quickly downloaded them as soon as I got home and had set the tablet up.  Among other apps, Evernote was the one the sales person said was the best.  He even went on to say it was amazing. Amazing, huh?! Hmmm…

At the time I didn’t think much of it other than it was simply something to jot down a few notes into.  But, I went about my daily role as an on road sales manager, using Evernote to record all my sales meetings and activities.  I soon started to see a little potential here and there but I guess I was looking for something more with bells and whistles, you know something amazing: grab you by the throat amazing!

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Not long after I started to also use Evernote web version and started to understand the power of having all of your notes backed up and synced from your mobile device.  It was then that I ditched the web version and downloaded the desktop version that things changed.  The desktop version allows you to rearrange and customize its appearance and functionality.  This is when I started to get hooked.  For me this was the bells and whistles, the bright lights and pretty colours I was originally expecting.

Upgrading to an iphone for work meant that I could now have even more mobile access to Evernote.  Those who use Evernote will understand how obsessive it can be.

Over time and experimenting and reading the Evernote blog I learned a lot of new and cool features.  While I was in a learning phase, Evernote was experiencing a growth spurt and started to grow as a company and app.

Evernote now had some major features that made so much sense and made my life easier.

Today, Evernote is my No.1 go to app.  To read a short review of my favourite apps and resources you can visit my website:

My next post will show how I use Evernote.

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