How I Use Evernote

...and how you can use Evernote, too

How I Use Evernote

I hear a lot of people say they have heard of Evernote but don’t really know what it is and how it can help you. In this post I will give you a brief run down on how I use Evernote.

Basically I use Evernote for Everything.  I consider Evernote to be my digital brain.

Having access to it on my iPod, iPhone, iPad and desktop computer means that I have my most important information always close at hand.  If you add the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook into the equation you could say that I am connected in some way to Evernote at all times.

When I first started to use Evernote back in 2011 I didn’t really use it for anything other than something to take down some notes, my thoughts and at the time my daily sales call activity with my customers in my sales career.

Now, Evernote has a completely changed the way I gather, use and recall information.  Not only do I enjoy using Evernote but it has saved me in many situations.

So here goes.  This is how I use Evernote.

Emails. All of my important emails are either forwarded, clipped or saved into a generic default Evernote notebook that I call “.Inbox”.  I even use my Evernote email address (more in this in another post) to subscribe to newsletters.  This way my email inbox is not cluttered with emails I don’t necessarily want to read immediately.  I can review all of these emails later and decide whether to sort, save and delete.

How I Use Evernote

The best part of this is if you receive invoices or household bills by email, just send them to Evernote and then use the ‘reminder’ feature so that you are reminded that the bill is due on the date and time you select.  Your device will then send you a reminder when it falls due.

Important Documents. I save all sorts of important documents into Evernote from a photo of my passport or travel documentation to scanned or photographs of purchase receipts for warranty purposes. Once saved, add a ‘tag’ and it is there forever.

Travel Documentation.  I have organised month long holidays with Evernote storing all tickets, receipts, schedules, packing lists, to do and to see lists – everything.  One of the best features of Evernote is the ‘Offline’ feature.  You can download and store select notebooks to your device just in case you cannot get online or Wi-Fi access.  This way your documents are always with you rather than just in the cloud.

Set Reminders. As simple as these sounds, having a reminder to alert you on all devices is a wonderful thing.  We all get busy so this way you are sure to never forget. You can set a reminder for a specific note (which may contain an invoice or bill to be paid), or just set a reminder to buy the cat food on the way home from work.  Simple.

How I Use EvernoteWeb Clipper. One of the great things about Evernote is they have developed a Google Chrome Extension called ‘Web Clipper’.  Gone are the days where you clutter your browser with booked marked website URLs.  Simply download the extension and use it to clip a webpage you like (that you feel you want to come back to), tag it and select the notebook where you want it to go and you are set. This works well when planning an overseas holiday.  You will often come across so many websites for where you want to travel to that having them clipped and saved into Evernote makes for easy reference when you need them.

Here is an example of the ‘screenshot’ feature of the Web Clipper.

Evenote Web Clipper screenshot feature

Evenote Web Clipper screenshot feature

Photos.  Adding photos to Evernote on the go is one of the best features.  This works well when you are out furniture shopping or doing your research on bathroom renovations or the like.  Snap a photo of something and it will automatically create a note with that image.  Now here is the best part.  You can open that note with the photo in it and make some notes about the image.  This might be more information about the store where you can buy the items, the measurements, the quote or anything relating to it.  It is a useful resource for you to refer back to when needed.  This works well when you see a kitchen or bathroom display in IKEA that you like.

Another great way to use the photo feature is when you are preparing your birthday or Christmas gift ideas.  I quite often see something in a store that I know would make an ideal gift for someone so I simply snap a photo in Evernote and save it into the appropriate notebook.

All of these functions are useful but basic ways to gather and use information in your busy life.  Next time I will post a list of other useful ways to use Evernote.

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