21 Ways Evernote Will Help You

Save time with these handy tricks



If you have read my two previous articles on Evernote you would know that I am obsessed with it as it is my all time favourite go to app and know the creative ways I use it.

Evernote has saved me in quite a few situations and has in all honesty saved me time and made life easier.  As you may have already noticed Evernote uses the elephant as its logo.  Elephants never forget.  Similarly, when you start using Evernote you will Remember Everything.

Here is my list of 21 cool ways to use Evernote.

Let Evernote help you remember these:

  1. Keep a record of your grocery shopping list (including frequently used items)
  2. Keep a record of your medical information including allergies, doctors and specialists contact details
  3. Record your car registration plates and details
  4. List the various files on an external hard drive. This useful hint is especially handy when you have more than one hard drive
  5. Create a list of all family and friends birthdays
  6. Create a list of gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas
  7. Scan all your household bills and set reminders for their due dates
  8. Snap and save photos of the various light bulbs used around your home.  You will need this one day.
  9. Save warranty and device/product manuals as PDF’s
  10. Save all receipts and invoices as PDF’s or images
  11. Web Clip recipes from the web
  12. Web Clip websites or articles that you don’t have time to read today and save them for later in a ‘reading list’
  13. Subscribe to newsletters with your Evernote email address.  Emails will then land in Evernote and not clog up your inbox
  14. Send important emails into Evernote
  15. Keep a record of your printer cartridge serial numbers
  16. Snap a photo of each remote control and which batteries they use
  17. Snap a photo of furniture or household items you like when out and about shopping
  18. Photos of jewellery and other valuables for insurance purposes
  19. Save all your travel documentation and booking details
  20. Keep a daily journal of your holiday. Add commentary, URL links and photos to enhance your journaling
  21. Create a table of contents for your your most important information
  22. and remember to add tags to your notes. This will help you categorise everything for ease of reference later.
21 Ways Evernote Will Help You

#8. Never forget the light bulb details

21 Ways Evernote Will Help You

#11. Web Clip recipes to try out

These are just some useful ideas to help you get going.  As you know, if you don’t know where to start, just start somewhere and make your first note or list about something in your house or your life.  Sometimes its best to start with a topic or hobby you love.  Let it grow naturally from there.

Remember, when I first started to use Evernote it didn’t blow my socks off.  It finally did when I started to play around more and more until one day it really became useful for me.

That will happen for you too.

Feel free to let me know if you have any Evernote questions.

For any questions or enquiries about help with Evernote you can reach me here or leave a comment on this post or on any of my social  platforms.  I am available for consultation to discuss your Evernote needs.

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