The ‘How To Start’ DailyVee 173 Transcription

from Gary Vaynerchuk's DailyVee

The ‘How To Start’ DailyVee 173 Transcription

You Can Thank Me Later. Here it is, the transcription of the most important part of Gary Vaynerchuk’s DailyVee 173 ‘How To Start’ episode.

When I first watched this DailyVee episode I was both excited and overwhelmed as I now had some direction on what I needed to do.

Why would someone go to all the trouble to transcribe this?

Well for starters I did this more for myself than any other reason.

I found that having a succinct outline of the things you should do if you want to start out with an online presence really helped. Having it transcribed means that you now have something to follow and read everyday making it your daily mantra.

Print it out and hang on your work space so you see it everyday.

Follow the steps Gary talks about. Rinse. Repeat. Follow the steps. Rinse. Repeat.

Read it everyday and make it your daily mantra.

The transcription starts at 6:49 in the video.

How To Start

Step 1 — The Manifesto.

Either, why you want to start putting out content or what you’re going to start doing or where you’re going or what are you about.

“The Why or The What.”

What are you about. Who are you about to become; or What you want to happen.

For me (Gary Vaynerchuk) it’s the legacy, being an entrepreneur, giving advice. Either what you’re trying to accomplish or why you’re trying to do this.

Step 2 — Where.

Where do you put up the content.

There’s only 3 core ways on the current internet to really communicate to the world.

  1. The written word. You blog, you post on LinkedIn, you guest blog on different sites, you write — and by the way you can even do this on Instagram. You could take a photo and write 7 paragraphs. I actually think this is a good strategy. Same with Facebook. Take a stinkin’ photo and write 13 sentences, 19 sentences or video. YouTube, Facebook video, Instagram one minute versions.
  2. Video is the other way we communicate.
  3. Audio. The boom of podcast, right? All the people that popped. It was audio that became their kind of saving grace into their platform.

First you’ve got to figure out what or why you want to to talk about it and then №2 then you’ve got to figure out where you’re going to deploy your first piece of content, this rant, this mission statement, this manifesto, then finally where is this stuff going to show up.

Distribution — such a big part of the strategy. Cool! You’ve figured out what you want to talk about. “I want to save the world from Babysitting [or your area of expertise] mistakes.” “I am going to be a Babysitting [or your area of expertise] expert.” Cool!

You’ve figured out how to say it. You’ve recorded it into a voice memo on your phone and you just kept going, right?

You figured it out, you ended up being good with a radio voice. Now, where does it go?

So — this gets very detailed.

Obviously, if it’s written word, you look at the Medium’s, the LinkedIns, the WordPress’, you start a blog, right? Or — you do it on your own Facebook or Instagram.

If it’s video, you’ve got YouTube, you’ve got Facebook video, you’ve got Instagram. You’ve got all these different platforms.

And then, if it’s audio, you’ve got Soundcloud, pod-casting platforms, Google voice, iTunes. You create a podcast — just Google “How do I set up my podcast How do I get it to distribute my content.”

But then you’ve got to figure out “how do people discover it?” The Where! Right?

This is where you’ve got to figure out how to use some money and use Facebook Ads and target the people you are trying to reach — or — grinding hustle.

Just literally emailing 700 to 1500 different blogs or media sites and saying “Do you want to distribute my content?”. Right? Emailing Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Babysitting Weekly, whatever it may be, you’ve got to get distribution, the way you do that is either through time or money.

Money’s easy: Facebook Ads, Google Ads. Time is hard, but if you have no money it’s your only option. Nobody’s going to cry for you.

If you want people to know about your stuff you need to find other places that have eyeballs or ears and get it out there. So you need to ask to be a guest on other people’s blog’s, influencer marketing. You know, these are the things you need to figure out, so…that’s how you start.

Just addicted to attention man. The attention.  Not like I need attention, trading attention.That’s the game. People don’t get it.

Attention: It’s the only thing that matters.  And then the next thing that matters is ‘What do you say with that attention.’

That’s it. One, two punch, baby.

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