How To Use Evernote For Your Grocery Shopping List

How To Use Evernote For Your Grocery Shopping List

In this post you will learn How To Use Evernote For Your Grocery Shopping List.  One of the easiest ways to start using Evernote is for the simple things in your life.  As simple as creating a grocery shopping list?

Let me show you how to create a grocery shopping list in Evernote.  It is quick and easy.  In addition, it will save you time when shopping.

People ask me all the time what can you use Evernote for.  To answer this questions I wrote the following article about 21 Ways Evernote Will Help You.  

My first use of Evernote was to create a grocery shopping list.

Let me show you how it works.

Traditional grocery shopping list on paper.

It is likely that you would normally have written down the grocery items you need on a paper pad. Or, on the back of an envelope randomly lying around.  This may have been as you thought of each item.  However, if you are organised, you would spend the time to check the items you need before you go grocery shopping.

With your paper list and pen in hand, you would be walking through the market, crossing the items off as you place them in your basket.

Once you have been grocery shopping, you would throw your list away. As a result, when it comes to your next shopping trip, you have to start the process again and think about the items you need.  You are almost re-creating the whole shopping list all over again each time.

The digital grocery shopping list.

Creating a grocery shopping list in Evernote has many benefits and does makes sense as:

  • You do not need to throw the list away once completed; and
  • The list lives on your device and goes everywhere you take your device
  • You can share your list with others
  • Simply create a standard list of all the items that you would normally buy

How To Use Evernote For Your Grocery Shopping List

This is the new way to do your shopping list.  When creating your Grocery shopping list you will simply add each of the items in order according to where they are located in the grocery store.  This will save you a lot of time when shopping.  Here are a few tips:

  • Enter each item in your list as a ‘Check Box’
  • A ‘ticked or checked’ box means that you do not need that item or that the item is in your basket
  • As you grab each item you need and place it in your basket, check the box for that item as ‘done’
  • When you run out of something at home, uncheck that item so you know to grab that item next time you are buying groceries
  • Have your partner, family or house mates do the same with un-checking items as they are needed so that everyone who has access to the Evernote shopping list knows what groceries are needed
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Here is an example of how to use Evernote for your grocery shopping list:



How To Use Evernote For Your Grocery Shopping List
Creating your own shopping list is as easy a starting a new note in Evernote and adding each item you think of.  Remember to use the Check Box function (noted on the image above).

Tip: Remember to save and synchronise the list each time it is updated.

To share the list with others simply select the share feature shown here.  This function is located on the top right of each note in Evernote:

How To Use Evernote For Your Grocery Shopping List share


You have now learned how to use Evernote for your grocery shopping list.

To access a copy of this grocery shopping list template click the button below:

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