Record Your Medical Information In Evernote

Record Your Medical Information In Evernote

Keeping a record of your personal medical information on hand is always a good idea.  In this post I will show you how to record your medical information in Evernote.

This is the second post in a series about 21 Ways Evernote Will Help You, an article to help show you how Evernote can be used for the most simple things in your life.

The first post about How To Use Evernote For Your Grocery Shopping List showed you how to keep track of your groceries.

Why Keep Your Medical Information

You may be wondering why you would even want to keep your medical information in Evernote.  This is a good question but let me tell you why I started to do this.

Recently I was asked what my blood type was. I could not provide an answer. I was stumped.

It surprised me that I could not recall what my blood type was and this got me thinking.  I am pretty good at knowing every aspect of my own personal medical history and even that of my family but for some reason I could not recall what my own blood type was.  Weird huh?!

So I compiled my own medical information and my family’s information into Evernote.  Now I would have this information available to me whenever I needed it.

This is why I love Evernote so much.  All of your information and data that you put into Evernnote is synced with all of your devices and available where you go with your device.

What Type Of Medical Information

The type of medical information to keep will be different and personal to you and your family.

The key information would be:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Blood Type
  • Health Insurance Company plan/information
  • Medical/social security number
  • In Case Of Emergency Details
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Family medical history

Obviously this will change and depend on your own personal circumstances.  This is a good place to start however.

How To Record Your Medical Information In Evernote

Once you have gathered all of your medical information you can start to enter it into Evernote.

I found the best way to record your medical information in Evernote was in a table format.  A table format keeps the information in a structured way so that it is easier to read when you need to.

Follow these steps:

  • Open a ‘New‘ note
  • Give your new note a Title.  Name it something that works for you but Medical Information works fine for the moment.
  • Select Insert Table from the toolbar (as shown in the below image)
  • Select the number of Rows and Columns you want in your table (as shown in the below image)

Insert Table Into Evernote

  • Enter your medical information into the table in the format and structure that you want.

Medical Information Template

I ended up creating a template to enter my medical information into Evernote.  I have become a big fan of templates as they are a great way to capture and enter information. Templates are also a great way to easily manage repeated tasks.

Here is an example of how I use the Template:

Record Your Medical Information In Evernote template



If you would prefer the ease of a template you can get mine below for free.

Save all of your medical information in Evernote


Easy Access To Your Information

To make this note and information easy to access you can add it to your shortcuts.  Your Shortcuts can be used for your most frequently used or most important stuff that you need to access quickly. If you have gone to the trouble to record your medical information in Evernote then make it easy to access.

This is quite simple to set up.

For the Evernote desktop version:

  1. Find your note in the notebook display
  2. Right Click on the note
  3. Select Add to Shortcuts (as shown below)


Add to Evernote shortcuts


For Evernote mobile versions:

  • Find your note and open it
  • Click on the three (3) little dots () on the top right hand order
  • Select Add to Shortcuts (as shown below)


Add to shortcuts iOS mobile

Find Your Shortcuts

Your Shortcuts can be displayed in a number places but generally in the left panel on Evernote desktop (as shown below):

Evernote Shortcuts left panel


You however can set them to the location that suits you best. I quite like setting the Shortcut to display in a separate Toolbar that sits under the main toolbar (as shown below):

Evernote Shortcuts menu



Sharing Your Information

Sharing your information with your family is also a good idea.  You just never know when someone may need it in an emergency.

To share your note from Evernote desktop:

  • Find your note in the notebook display
  • Right Click on the note
  • Select Share Note from the pop up menu

Evernote Share function

  • Select Share Note and enter the email address and optional message to the person you want to share this with.
  • You can also change the Share settings or the Note Permissions.  In this case I would set this to ‘Can View’ only as you don’t want your information to be changed.

Evernote share function and permissions


  • Another way to access the Share Note function is from the Toolbar from inside the note as shown below.  All other share settings are the same as above:

Evenote Share function

To share from Evernote mobile:

  • Find your note and open it
  • Click on Share function on the top
  • Select how you want to share your note.  This can be by:
    • direct email
    • copy the link
    • or to export the note

Share function Evernote iOS mobile



By now you should have everything covered for you to record your medical information in Evernote.

You have also learned how to:

  1. create a table
  2. use a template
  3. share your note; and
  4. add your notes to your shortcuts

As always if you need any help just reach out to me here.

How do you use Evernote? I would love to see.


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