How To Record Your Car Registration Details In Evernote

Record Car Registration Details In Evernote

Having a car, or multiple cars comes with it’s own financial challenges and responsibilities. In this post I will show you how to record your car registration details in Evernote to stay on top of all your car expenses, registration details and more.

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I will show you how to manage your own car details as well as any car you may hire. Let’s start with a hire car.

A Hire Car

The first time I used Evernote for anything car related was when I hired a car overseas.

Obviously, a hire car is not your own car so there are a lot of things that you need to consider such as:

  • The registration number plate
  • What make and model of car it is
  • The odometer when you start and when you return the car
  • The condition of the interior and exterior
  • Car Hire booking confirmation, contract and receipt/invoice

As Evernote helps you keep all of your most important information on hand I thought I would put it to good use with the hire car.

Let’s go through these in order.

The registration number plate and make and model of the car.  You may think it funny that you would record any of this information but when you check into a hotel they actually ask whether you need parking for your car.   They will record the registration number plate of the car and make and model to ensure that only hotel guests are using the parking facilities.  Makes sense, don’t you think? Having this information at your finger tips is a great help.

Also, you may need to know the registration details if there is an traffic incident or accident, or if the car is stolen and you need to report this to the Police or authorities.

The odometer.  Hire car companies may impose restrictions on how far you can drive their car.  Most companies however do not but I always like to note the start and finish trip meter so that I know how far I have gone.  I guess you just never know when you will need this information.

Pro Tip: Save car hire information and images into Evernote. See an example below:


Record Car Hire car details in Evernote

The condition of the interior and exterior.  This is very important when you hire a car.  You are responsible for noting down the condition of the car on the car hire contract when you take possession of the car.  I always snap a few photos on my phone of any bumps, scratches or dents and save these to Evernote as safe keeping.

It is always better have photographic proof of the condition of the car rather than rely on a drawing on the car hire contract.


Pro Tip: Save the photos of the condition of the car to your hire car note in Evernote.


Car hire contract. Most often times you will receive an email of a booking confirmation as well as a car hire contract.  Simply forward these emails to Evernote for safe keeping. Keep them alongside related notes so you can find them quickly when you need them.


Pro Tip: Evernote gives you a secret email address if you subscribe to the Evernote Plus plan.


To locate your own Evernote email address go to ‘My Account Page‘ from the Help menu. Your My account page will list all of your account details.  Look for the ‘Account Summary‘ page and scroll down until you see reference to Email Notes To.

It should look like this:

Evernote email address

Note: Forwarding emails to Evernote is an Evernote Plus paid feature.  Trust me, well worth upgrading. 

Alternatively you can attach your car hire booking confirmation or contract manually.  See below example. The attach icon (the good ol’ paperclip) is highlighted with the big red arrow:

Car Hire car Booking Confirmation saved to Evernote


You can manually attach any document, image, PDF or spreadheet to enhance your information into any of your Evernote notes.

Record Your Car Registration Details In Evernote

Much in the same way that you capture and record information about a hire car as noted above, Evernote is very helpful in keeping the details of your personal cars too.

If you have more than one car in your household it sometimes can be difficult to keep all of the registration and insurance documentation and details together.

What’s the best way to manage this? Create a Master Note!

Creating a master note that holds all of this information together helps me find it quickly when I need it.  Here is an example of a basic master note:

  1. The left hand column are the ‘notes‘ within a ‘notebook‘.  I created a ‘Blog Example Workbook’ notebook just for this exercise.  As you can see there are 7 notes within the notebook.
  2. Within each respective note you could save certain information and documentation.  My example shows a separate note for ‘My car insurance details’ and a separate note for ‘Your car insurance details’.  Obviously you would save your insurance documentation in these notes.  The same would apply to the registration details.
  3. Copying and pasting the ‘link’ for each required note elsewhere acts as an internal clickable link much like a clickable link on a web page.
  4. A master note can then be created that acts as an index or table of contents if you will to help find these details quickly.

Record Your Car Registration Details In Evernote master note



One of the most important features of a master note is a hyperlink between notes. A hyper link acts in the same way as a clickable link on a webpage.

To create your own hyperlink follow the below example:

  1. Right Click‘ on the note you wish to use
  2. Select ‘Copy internal link
  3. Paste‘ the copied link into your own master note or the note location you wish to use.

Evernote copy internal link note

Setting Reminders

Before Evernote I would reply on my memory.  Needless to say I was almost always late with any of my bills and invoice payments.

Evernote allows you to set reminders which for me, made me look good.  Now, I am never late in paying anything.

The best part of setting reminders for paying invoices in Evernote is:

  • Select the date and time to be reminded on your specified note
  • A reminder notification can be displayed on your device.
  • Opening the notification will then take you to the note where your invoice is saved
  • You then have immediate access to the details for the invoice that is due.

To set a reminder for your own car payments:

  1. Go to the note that you want to be reminded of (see below image)
  2. Click on the ‘Clock‘ icon on the top right hand of the note toolbar. This sets a reminder.
  3. Click ‘Add date‘ to select a date and time to be notified
  4. Select the date and time from the calendar function
  5. Now your reminder is set

Evernote Set reminder

How will you see your reminders?  Reminders will appear in the following way:

  • An Evernote pop up notification on your device much like a social media update from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Reminders will be listed at the top of each of your Evernote notebooks (see below image)


Evernote reminders list


Conclusion About How To Record Your Car Registration Details In Evernote

Following the above examples will make it easier to keep track of your car related information.

By now you will feel comfortable to be able to :

  • add images of your registration number plates to Evernote
  • forward emails into Evernote
  • attach PDF and other documents to Evernote
  • create hyperlinks between notes in Evernote
  • display all of your car related information in a master note system; and
  • set reminder so you never miss another payment.

Now that you know how to Record Your Car Registration Details In Evernote I would be interested to know how you use Evernote.   Leave a comment below.

I am on a mission to become an Evernote Certified Consultant.  For any questions or enquiries about help with Evernote you can reach me here or leave a comment on this post or on any of my social platforms.  I am available for consultation to discuss your Evernote needs.


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