If you are like me you lead a busy life both personally and professionally, have many interests and have many goals to achieve. Yet sometimes life takes control and you lose track of things and your best intentions go by the way side.

Sound familiar?

I was in the same situation and then I discovered some digital technology that helps me keep track of everything, organise my life and even automate some time consuming tasks.

If you have:
  • bills and expenses to keep track of
  • travel plans and documentation to keep safe
  • tons of paper and would like to go paperless
  • photos, contacts and even social media updates you want automatically backed up
  • old photos you would like to digitise
  • family and friends birthday lists
  • heard of Evernote but are unsure on what you can do with it

then my blog will help you on your way to a more organised and automated life saving you a bunch of time.  Welcome to the stage, Evernote.

I will show you how to navigate through Evernote and other digital productivity apps to help you to remember everything and regain control of your life so that you can spend time on what matters most to you.

I can also provide a do it for you Evernote service.

Evernote recognises me as an Evernote Community Leader.

David Mackey - Evernote Expert In Sydney Australia

David Mackey – Sydney based Evernote Community Leader

Who Am I?

I am an Evernote Expert In Sydney Australia.  Coming from a sales and relationship background I have developed an entrepreneurial mind and have developed strong relationship building skills. I am from the school of life and am self taught in all business aspects from a vast working career.

You can expect to learn about how digital technology can help you and your business..  This will include email and video marketing, product merchandising, social and digital media techniques, the life of a mobile sales professional and the importance of building relationships.

Affiliate links.

Throughout my blog you may notice affiliate links for Evernote when you sign up and create an account.  I may receive monetary commission should you click these links and create an account. I also receive recognition for increasing the broader Evernote community and may receive points that go towards my own account.  This points reward system is available to any Evernote account holder.  For more on this go here: https://evernote.com/points/  

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