Use Evernote In Your Daily Routine

Use Evernote In Your Daily Routine

Evernote can be used in your daily routine.


You can use Evernote In Your Daily Routine.  It’s not simply a question of “What is Evernote?”  It is more a question of how Evernote will make a difference to your day.

Think of what your daily routine looks like. We all use different things, tools or apps everyday, sometimes consciously, other times without even realising.

Here’s a few examples of why Evernote will make a difference to your day:

  • A busy day ahead? Save your daily schedule. You will then be able to access your schedule on all devices.
  • A lot of to-do tasks to action? Create a checklist of your important tasks to complete.
  • You receive an invoice for payment. Save as a PDF and set a reminder for when it is due.
  • Set a reminder to alert you to an important meeting, task or to grab the milk on the way home.
  • Save web pages, articles, PDF documents and images for later reading.

If you love digital technology and apps, then you will love Evernote.

Everything relating to your daily routine, located in one place, accessible across all devices and available wherever you are: Evernote

Here are 21 way Evernote will help you.

I am on a mission to become an Evernote Certified Consultant. For any questions or enquiries about help with Evernote you can reach me here or leave a comment on this post or on any of my social platforms.

I am available for consultation to discuss your Evernote needs.

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Store Photos of Light Bulbs Used In Your Home Into Evernote

Another everyday use for Evernote

Store Photos of Light Bulbs Used In Your Home Into Evernote

Having many different lights and lamps in your home can mean that you need to also have many different light bulbs and globes.  But can you always remember which light bulb goes with which light? Let me show you how to store photos of light bulbs used in your home into Evernote so that you will also remember which light bulb goes where.

Evernote made this easy for me.

This blog post is a from a series of articles to help show you how Evernote can be used for the most simple everyday things in your life.

Earlier posts in this series are about How To Use Evernote For Your Grocery Shopping ListHow To Keep Record of Your Medical Information in Evernote and how to scan household bills into Evernote.

Let’s look at how you can store photos of light bulbs used in your home into Evernote and why this is useful. (more…)

The ‘How To Start’ DailyVee 173 Transcription

from Gary Vaynerchuk's DailyVee

The ‘How To Start’ DailyVee 173 Transcription

You Can Thank Me Later. Here it is, the transcription of the most important part of Gary Vaynerchuk’s DailyVee 173 ‘How To Start’ episode.

When I first watched this DailyVee episode I was both excited and overwhelmed as I now had some direction on what I needed to do.

Why would someone go to all the trouble to transcribe this? (more…)

What Does Evernote Do?

Should I Be Using It?

What Does Evernote Do?

Evernote is the modern workspace that could be considered as a digital filing cabinet or information repository.  It is a powerhouse app that has limitless possibilities when it comes to information that is important to you.  You are only limited by your imagination. Let’s find out What Does Evernote Do?

Here is a useful list of 21 ways to use Evernote.

Here’s why more than 100 million professionals rely on Evernote as their daily workspace:

Everything you write, everywhere you go
Evernote is designed for modern writing. From project plans to meeting notes, the latest versions of everything you write are automatically available across your devices. (more…)

What does Evernote cost?

Is Evernote For Free?

What does Evernote cost?  Is Evernote For Free?


The good news is Evernote is free in the Evernote Basic plan.  On the other hand Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium do attract a subscription however the benefits and features are definitely worth it.

While I personally use Evernote Premium, meaning that I have full access to all its features, I strongly recommend that you consider your needs before choosing a plan.

If you are unsure of which plan to choose I always suggest to look at your personal and/or work related needs.  If your needs are to better organise yourself then the Basic plan is ideal.  If  you find that you are uploading more and more content and have a need to send important emails into Evernote then the Plus plan is best.  The Premium plan offers everything from the Basic and Plus plans and then some. (more…)