Taking Note – A Podcast By Evernote Episode 2. A Conversation with Guy Kawasaki.

This Is What I Learned

After a very informative and enjoyable episode #1 of Evernote’s Taking Note podcast I was looking forward to the next instalment.  As a recap, this is what I learned from episode #1.

Episode #2 started with Evernote company updates from the CEO, Chris O’Neil as well as from their Vice President of Operations and their Design Manager followed by featured guest, Guy Kawasaki.  I was aware of Guy Kawasaki but to be honest I did not really know that much about him so this podcast was a great opportunity to find out more.

This is what I learned about the Evernote company updates.


Taking Note – A Podcast By Evernote Episode 1. A Conversation With Michael Hyatt.

This Is What I Learned

The start of every new year is always a special and exciting time with lots of things to do, plans to make and goals to achieve.  It was also an exciting time this new year to hear that Evernote were rekindling their podcast again after what seemed like forever since they last uploaded one.

I have recently started to download and listen to more and more podcasts lately so Evernote’s new podcast was a warm welcome.

Taking Note a podcast by Evernote is described by the iTunes Podcast store as being presented by the leader in note taking and productivity.  Taking Note dives into the realms of personal and professional achievement, entrepreneurship and creative thinking.  They will interview experts and trailblazers, uncovering great ideas and best practices to help organise your work and declutter your life.

Episode #1 featured Michael Hyatt of MichaelHyatt.com – talking about taking control of your goals in 2017.  I have been following Michael Hyatt for a while now and as Michael is an Evernote power user I knew this would be worth listening to.

This is what I learned: (more…)

Evernote Presents: Productivity at work and on the go.


About This Event

Presented by Evernote:

Staying productive, both on your own and with your team, is essential if you want to achieve success. Especially when you and the people you work with aren’t sitting in one spot, productivity can be a real challenge. (more…)

Date: March 20, 2017
Time: 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Event: Evernote Presents: Productivity At Work And On The Go.
Topic: Productivity on the go
Sponsor: Evernote
Venue: WeWork
(02) 8294 5196
Location: 100 Harris St Sydney NSW 2009
Sydney 2009
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

21 Ways Evernote Will Help You

Save time with these handy tricks



If you have read my two previous articles on Evernote you would know that I am obsessed with it as it is my all time favourite go to app and know the creative ways I use it.

Evernote has saved me in quite a few situations and has in all honesty saved me time and made life easier.  As you may have already noticed Evernote uses the elephant as its logo.  Elephants never forget.  Similarly, when you start using Evernote you will Remember Everything.

Here is my list of 21 cool ways to use Evernote.



And Why It Should Be Yours Too

We all love our apps.  Whether these are games, music related, productivity or utility based they can either take up a lot of your time or help you become more productive and efficient.

For me it is the productive and efficient side of apps that gets my time and attention.

Way back in 2011 I bought myself an android tablet for work.  This was my first leap into a device other than an iPod or mobile phone.   (more…)